About Me

1996 – 1998
M.A. Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art, Peckham Road, South London

1993 – 1996
B.A. Hons in Fine Art at Middlesex University, Quicksilver Place, Wood Green, North London

1992 – 1993
Foundation in Art at the City Lit, part of the London Institute, Covent Garden
Printmaking is my medium of choice. Although my artwork is fairly small in format, my prints have visual impact. I focus on bold, colour combinations, line, negative and positive space; the negative space as important as the positive in the image. I vacillate between relief (linocut) and intaglio (etching). More recently, I have been experimenting with monoprint, the colours and placement of form and line allowing me full creative range.

My prints offer a diverse mixture of figurative and abstract, colour and monochrome and are playful and dynamic. I switch between the printmaking methods of linocut, etching and monoprint. Miro and Picasso in style at times, but picking up influences from other sources as well. Such inspirations as 1960’s Danish pottery, African & Aboriginal art, the world of insects and current social trends all influence my work.

The finished print evolves from an initial sketch or vision. Building in layers of line, form and texture in the process. The image dictates the printmaking method I choose, so my work is varied in style and content.

Printmaking is my addiction. Whether it is cutting into lino, scratching into a metal or Perspex plate or painting onto a surface for printing. It is the unexpected results that make it so exhilarating. The whole creative process, the smell of the inks, the touch of the paper and the pull of the print through a press are what continue to drive me.